Bonus vs malus

bonus vs malus

The second panel actually reads "This comic's author doesn't speak French.
"Musica ficta" means "fake music" in Latin, and is also a term for tombola lottery july 7 2018 any pitches added during a live musical performance.In order: World 2: N Negative World 3: U You are running into danger World 4: L You should stop your vessel instantly" or "The ship is quarantined World 5: X Stop carrying out your intentions and watch for my signals World 6:.While the lines are subtitled for a serious conversation, they're actually making various ribald and obscene jokes about the director, crew, and various non-Navajo cast members.Atlantis in Greek comes from a root meaning 'uplifted which adds another layer.In the final frame, everyone seems happy except for a passing sailor who is slapping his head in horrified disbelief, as he is the only one (apart from Mary) to be aware that a string of pretty flags are spelling out an obscene phrase note Fucking.Arabia saudita - egitto 2-1: voti, cronaca e tabellino.In The Critic, Vlada's restaurant is named L'ane Riche, which is French for "The Wealthy Jackass." Family Guy episode "McStroke" has an Italian guy tells Peter he is crazy for faking Italian."Lucius" is just a regular roman name (though it comes from "lux".e.Borat is an English hidden-camera film about a fictional Kazakh reporter and his producer filming what the public thinks is a "documentary and they frequently converse with each other in Kazakh; however, no actual Kazakh language is heard in the film, since Borat's actor.
Spells are almost always done in another language; often a dead one like Latin, although Giles also manages quite respectable German.
In Serenity the codephrase Simon uses to "turn off" his rampaging sister River, Eto kuram na smeh, is Russian for "That is laughter for chickens" or, more literally, "this is for the chickens to laugh at an idiom meaning "That's ridiculous." In Kentucky Fried Movie.

One example: The German unions are mentioned, which are all named "IG.".The main character's "honourable man Blood Knight Akihiko's is "fight Ken's is grudge, Junpei's is color, but more likely "dirty minded and Shinjiro's is "life." "Kimi no Kioku the ending theme song, which elaborates on the game's ending sequence and foreshadows Aigis and the rest.Bill Bailey also invokes this through a discussion about foreign ambulance sirens.Telling Veronica that the bullets they intend to shoot Kurt and Ram with are German "ich lüge" bullets, which are supposedly non-fatal, so that she will go along with the shooting.In Spanish, this means "The Taste of Loneliness".Speaks in the language of their home country, creating a lot of opportunities for this (including one Getting Crap Past the Radar moment when Great Tiger tells Mac to go suck on his mother's teat in Hindi.) Since Cold Fear takes place on a Russian.The Shirt of Chivalry becomes one in the English version.An entire chapter ends up being a huge example of this trope.
He was a bit racist.

A more subtle one appears in Hercules : Phil tells Hercules "Two words: I!
Ya budu bit tebya na smyerts!" (Why you little Bitch!

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Enter any additional bonuses (or penalties) to attack and/or damage.Experience Points, class name is required.When you use this variant, ignore the Strength column of the Armor table.To be 100 clear two first level Rogues, Vince and Howard, are walking across a tightrope above a yawning..
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Starburst is in het Virtual Reality Casino van Slots Million geen platte plaat met symbolen, maar n bonus giro directie levensechte gokkast.Zoals de naam al doet vermoeden, richt Slots Million zich vooral op de liefhebber van gokkasten.Maar dat is nog niet alles, nieuwe spelers komen..
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Should you lose your first bet, you will still be a winner.100 up to ellis island casino hotel & brewery las vegas 3000 You'll get both a 100 match bonus up to 100 on your first deposit as well as a 50 refund up to

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Litecoin liberar pocket neo is a less valuable alternative cryptocurrency that is easier to obtain and transact with.This site have a lot of games :bingo, video poker, dice, keno, live roulette, live sic bo, binary, slots.Ph Casino 100 bonus up to 500.(4.5 / 5) 100

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