Blackjack java code example

Swing.JLabel; import anel; import xLayout; import tionEvent; import tionListener; import lor; import.Dimension; public class BlackJack extends JFrame implements ActionListener private static final int width 400, height 300; private Deck deck; Draw draw new Draw private JLabel main tJLabel private Player gambler new Player Gambler.
With all that in mind, the basic objects of the game might be: Deck: holds available cards, dealersHand: holds cards removed from deck and dealt to dealer.
In addition to creating an object for Deck, an object for a player's hands and the dealer hand will also be useful.
All hand objects should be able to calculate their score.ListPlayer: all the players, listPlayerHands: each Player has a list of PlayerHands.Private void bonus de buen tiro checkWinner veal / time to reveal dealer's card dealer.Draw(draw paint if (lue 21) tText Gambler busts else if (lue 21) tText Dealer busts else if (lue lue tText Push else if (lue lue tText Gambler wins else tText Dealer wins tText / process a button push public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) if (tSource hitButton).Java from.6 Case Study: Purple America.public Pair expand(Scheme interpreter, Pair oldPair, Object args) Object expansion apply(interpreter, args if (expansion instanceof Pair) rst (Pair)expansion).first; st (Pair)expansion).rest; else rst "begin st cons(expansion, null return oldPair; Macro expand an expression public static Object macroExpand(Scheme interpreter, Object x) if (!(x instanceof Pair) return x;.Draw(draw paint / deal out two cards each, shuffling if too few cards private void deal AY set set if (deck null ze 15) deck new Deck uffle tText Shuffling hit(gambler hit(dealer nceal / hide the dealer's first card hit(gambler hit(dealer / who won?public Macro (Object parms, Object body, Environment env) super(parms, body, env Replace the old cons cell with the macro expansion, and return.
Finally you may consider a Game object that can deal hands, evaluate the winners of each round, keep score and display the results.
Center BlackJack setTitle Blackjack.0 setResizable(false / hit, stick, and deal buttons JPanel buttons new JPanel d(hitButton d(stickButton d(dealButton dActionListener(this dActionListener(this dActionListener(this tEnabled(false tEnabled(false / add the dealer, gambler, buttons, and status bar getContentPane.setLayout(new BoxLayout(getContentPane BoxLayout.

One of the first two cards is the up card.Below is the syntax highlighted version.Package jscheme; @author Peter Norvig, m * Copyright 1998 Peter Norvig, see ml public class Macro extends Closure Make a macro from a parameter list, body, and environment.Eval(first(x obalEnvironment if (!(fn instanceof Macro) return x; return (Pair)x, rest(x).The player may also take different actions depending on the dealer's up card - take insurance if it is an ace.Y_axis getContentPane.add(main getContentPane.add(buttons getContentPane.add(status tCanvasSize(width, height tXscale(0, width tYscale(0, height pack setVisible(true / deal one card to given player from the deck private void hit(Player player) alFrom player.In Blackjack a player may take different actions depending on the first two cards dealt, split or double.Last updated: Fri Oct 20 14:12.

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